Top 5 Reasons for Teeth Whitening

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There are many reasons we choose to whiten our teeth. And teeth whitening has become much more common. Celebrities and actors have used teeth whitening for many years, but the general public has now adopted teeth whitening as a common practice.

Teeth Whitening

For some it might only be special occasions. If you go to a bridal fair you’ll run in to several vendor offering teeth whitening services. But, more routine teeth whitening is becoming more common.

So why do people whiten their teeth?

  1. Discoloration – Plaque build up or other oral issues can cause discoloration of your teeth. Teeth whitening can help correct that. Ideally the issue causing the discoloration is resolved.
  2. Special Occasions – As we mentioned above, special occasions, like weddings, are one of the main reasons we use teeth whitening. Another common use is graduation, engagement photos, anniversaries and holiday parties.
  3. Job Interviews – First impressions are everything, so make sure your teeth are white. Many professionals use teeth whitening before they go on job interviews or while they are on the job hunt.
  4. Boost Self-Confidence – In today’s society we are constantly comparing ourselves to celebrities, models, etc. And a white, sparkling smile will always help you feel a little better about your image.
  5. Diet Choices—For those that drink coffee regularly, tea or smoke, tooth discoloration and plaque need to be offset. To correct the discoloration, teeth whitening is used. In these cases, the cause is regular. People drink coffee daily, so the need to whiten their teeth regularly exists.

Whatever your reason is for teeth whitening, we hope you stop by one of our four office locations in Rockwall, Forney, Seagoville or Heartland. Our trained staff will take care of you and educate you on the best teeth whitening option for your needs.

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